Vista bits

We all know that users reject change - they inevitably want the new bit of software (that you have spent ages on) to look and operate 'exactly' like their last bit of software!  Clearly being one of those annoying users I have spent some time looking to making Vista operate 'exactly' like XP - well at least replicating some of the shortcuts I have got used to using. 

The first one was Send To.  I have got used to having Notepad and Notepad++ (amongst other things) in the send to menu - I find it a really quick way to get stuff done.  To edit the Send To menu in Vista you need to run:


either in the run dialog or in an explorer.  Then you can drop in whatever shortcuts you want...

The other one I have got used to is the command prompt from the context menu.  Under XP its an addition to the registry for the directory to open a command prompt:

@="&Command here..." 
@="cmd.exe /k cd %1" 

I was dead chuffed to find that in Vista you don't have to bother as its built in - just hold down shift as you open the context menu and you get an "Open Command Window Here" option. You also (as a double bonus) get get a "Copy as Path" option - a zero hassle way to get paths for files and directories into the paste buffer.

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